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We provide consulting services in music and other creative spheres. The program of classes was developed by Nikolai Agutin and leading mentors for children from 4 to 17 years old, as well as for adults.

about online academy

Cool mentors
Leading teachers of Moscow State Institute of Culture, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music: class V.I. Korobka’s (mentor of the vocal show "Voice"), practicing artists and certified teachers;
Individual approach to everyone
Individual approach to everyone: taking into consideration the personal qualities and creative aspirations of the student;
personal participation of Nikolai Agutin
Nikolay Agutin personally participates in the educational process of each of the students (Open lessons are regularly held in our online Academy);
Regular master classes
Regular master classes and direct communication with Russian pop stars in an online format;
Theory + concert practice
Theory + concert practice Participation of students in reporting online concerts;
A unique training program
A unique training program: created by Nikolai Agutin together with teachers specifically for the online Academy. Each of the mentors has its own author's methodology, which has no analogues;
Charity: by studying at our Academy, you give an opportunity to children with disabilities and from poor families to get knowledge for free
Comprehensive preparation for going on stage
Comprehensive preparation for going on stage: acquisition of vocal, dance, acting and other skills necessary for future artists;
Our teachers conduct lessons in various spheres:

Welcome to the unique space of creativity and development - the Online Music Academy by Nikolai Agutin!

And all this in English, Italian, Greek and Russian languages. You can study individually or in a group from anywhere in the world.

The training takes place on the basis of an existing and working online learning system developed by Nikolai Agutin and the teachers of the Academy. Each course is aimed at a specific end result.

This is a place where everyone, regardless of age or level of preparation, can acquire musical skills and unleash their creative potential under the guidance of Nikolai Agutin and professional mentors.
What makes our courses unique?
First and foremost, it's an exclusive online program developed personally by Nikolai Agutin in collaboration with experienced professionals, tailored to the needs of both novice musicians and seasoned artists. We proudly boast the support of global stars such as Leonid Agutin, JONY, Larisa Dolina, Nikolai Fomenko, Alexander Marshal, and many others, whose names resonate loudly in the world of music.

Our innovative online platform knows no boundaries, making learning accessible from anywhere in the world! Regardless of your location, our courses are available to you at any convenient time.

Our Academy is not just a place to gain new knowledge and skills in the musical and creative sphere. It's an inspiring space where students will immerse themselves in the captivating world of art, not only acquiring technical skills but also finding inspiration, meeting like-minded individuals, and perhaps even discovering their own creative direction. Our Academy is a place where everyone can unleash their creative potential and become part of the great history of art!

We offer various formats of learning so that every student can choose what suits them best:
  • Individual lessons, where each student receives special attention from the mentor.
  • Group classes, where you can exchange experiences and be inspired by colleagues.
  • Special courses for adults, providing a unique opportunity to develop creative talents regardless of age.
Our courses:
Within the Academy, various directions are available, including online courses in vocals, piano, guitar, acting, choreography, vlogging, songwriting, and public speaking. Our mentors are not only professionals in their field but also masters who impart their experience and knowledge with love and inspiration.

Opportunity to interact with Russian stars!

One of the key aspects of the Online Academy is our unique events program, which includes:

  • Regular masterclasses and direct communication with Russian pop stars in an online format.
  • Personal involvement of Nikolai Agutin in the preparation process of each student. This provides students with the opportunity not only to gain knowledge and skills but also to interact directly with artists and receive valuable advice firsthand.

Advantages of the Academy:
But most importantly, our Academy is open to everyone. We believe that music should be accessible to everyone, so we have developed a special program that provides the opportunity to take the course for free for children with disabilities and from low-income families. We strive to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to develop their talent and self-expression through music.

Join our Online Music Academy by Nikolai Agutin! Here, you will not only receive education but embark on a real musical adventure without boundaries and limitations! Are you ready to become part of this exciting atmosphere? Let's together discover the magic of music and bring your musical dreams to life!